Clean sweep for the defense.

We are pleased to report that we obtained summary judgment for the Town of Hampton. The New Hampshire federal district court has ruled in Rourke v. Zigler, 18-cv-105-AJ, that Hampton Police Officer Christopher Zigler had probable cause to arrest the Plaintiff and used only reasonable force to effectuate the February, 2015 arrest. The Court granted summary judgment on all state and federal claims, making it a clean sweep for the defense.

CullenCollimore overcomes Equal Protection claim

The New Hampshire federal district court has granted judgment on the pleadings and dismissed Equal Protection and Substantive Due Process claims by a business owner who claimed he was singled out for more rigorous application of fire codes than like-businesses. The Court accepted the argument of CullenCollimore that the plaintiff’s claims were time barred and failed to establish a “class of one” claim.